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What is subscript ?

Subscript is nothing but some set of alpha numeric characters which are smaller than the normal text. ex:- (This is example text)

For what propose i can use subscript ?

One can use subscript in many thing. It has multiple use case for example subscript generally used in mathematical expressions and in chemical formulas (example:- H₂O). Some people also use it as fancy text because of its smaller font size and people love to use it on comment section of social media websites.

Is subscript free to use ?

Yes, this Subscript Generator is absolutely free to use, you can use this font on anywhere :)

What characters are available to use in Subscript in compare to english alphabets?

Most of the characters are available like (ₐ₆꜀ₔₑբ₉ₕᵢⱼₖₗₘₙₒₚᵩᵣₛᵤ₆ᵥᵥₓᵧ₂ ) except some capital case characters. Some capital case characters are not there because they never find the need to include it.

How can i convert normal text to super script?

Converting normal english characters into Sub script characters is really easy with our Subscript Generator all you need to do is write or paste some text in first text area. The super script conversion output will be shown in the next text area.

How to copy large text paragraph from Subscript generator ?

It is easy, there is a small "click here to copy" button after second textarea. you just need to click on in and it will copy all text inside second textarea box.

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