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How To Give Your Windows 10 Desktop A New Look With Rainmeter

Hello, guys in this tutorial I will tell you how you can customize your pc screen like the above picture. 

If you want to give a new look to your desktop or you’re bored with your old desktop you can follow these simple steps or you can also watch the video at the bottom of this page to get the result like the above wallpaper. 🙂

Steps to Follow

Step1:- You need to download the necessary files. Download files At Bottom

Step2:- After you downloaded all the necessary files Now You have to install the file called rainmeter.exe

Step3:-After installing now there are some popup skin shows on your pc screen, Now right-click on 

those pop-ups skin and click on unload skin from the drop-down menu.

Step4:-After unloading all the default skins now double-click on cold skin.rmskin  Available in the skins folder and click on install.

Step5:-Now go-to rain meter application and click on clod under the skin than click on (clock) and then double-click on (clock.ini) to show date click on (date) folder in rainmeter application which is available below the clock folder and then double-click on (date.ini).

Step6:- Now go to the ( folder inside it there is a folder name (cold Wallpaper) go- to that folder right click on the image click on set as desktop background. Now you can adjust your clock and date according to your taste and preference. if you want to customize Skin watch the video below I showed in the video how you can customize the colours and font of the clock and date.

That’s all folks for this cool looking theme tutorial for windows 10 if hope you will enjoy your new cool looking desktop background of window’s 10 if you have any doubt watch the video or ask me in the comment section. 🙂

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